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Not sure what career path to take? Want to stand out from the other jo-seekers entering the market? Favio can provide a comprehensive psychometric assessment report that identifies which types of job are best suited for YOUR natural talents and interests: -

  • So how can you choose the right career based on your natural talents and behavioural competencies?
  • Favio can supply a quick on-line assessment by the global leader is personality assessments Saville Consulting and use the widely recognised "My Self questionnaire" to help you make the right choice AND give potential employers the confidence to consider you for a position.
  • It will highlight YOUR behavioural effectiveness including 'Signature Strengths' 'Supporting Strengths' and 'Lesser Strengths as well as Challenge Areas'.
  • The 'Know your Strength' section explains the special contribution that you bring to the work place.
  • The 'Your Culture/Environment Fit' section outlines which organisational cultures are likely to align with your values and needs, which in turn should lead to job satisfaction.
  • The 'Maximise your Strength' section gives you tips on how to deploy your strengths for maximum impact.
  • To help you avoid negative issues in your early career, the 'Use your Strength Wisely'section provides some caveats and warnings on how heavy reliance on your strengths might become disadvantageous.
  • Want to have a'Potentially Unsuitable Cultures/Environments' section outlines the working environments you are likely to find stressful, which in turn may reduce your job satisfaction and performance at work

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