FAVIO recognize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to promote/prepare yourself for the minefield of improving career prospects, turning a good business idea into a viable business proposition, choosing the right career path and coping with challenging work environments.

By choosing one of our cutting edge assessment tools, you can unlock your potential and provide prospective employers/business partners with accurate information on your key strengths.

FAVIO PERSONAL GROWTH SOLUTIONS - Let the world know how good you are!

Service: My Self Premium Report - Help to decide the best career path for your personality and skills, stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

Description: After completing a short online questionnaire, a comprehensive report is generated that provides potential employers with accurate information on how your inherent natural skills/interests align with market sectors. This can be inserted into your CV to help you stand out from other applications.

(Report output example)


The Self Premium Report also provides an excellent all round summary of Personal Strengths, Medium rated Skills and Improvement/Challenge areas to help you enter your new job armed with your own personal “Instruction Manual” to help you become a rising star and set you on the path to career greatness.
Service: Professional Styles Entrepreneurial Potential Report - How to turn a good idea into a sustainable business by recognising your Entrepreneurial strengths.
Description: Many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs have discovered a simple recipe for success that goes beyond having a great revolutionary product/service to promote.

The secret is simple: "Know your strengths - Compensate for your Weaknesses"

FAVIO offer a fantastic assessment tool that can be completed online and generates a comprehensive report to help you plan for success as an Entrepreneur.

(Completed Professional Entrepreneurial report extract example 1)

As this example extract from a completed Professional Styles Entrepreneurial Assessment demonstrates, this budding Entrepreneur needs to align themselves with partners/expertise to compensate for their shortfalls in "Building Capacity". This could translate into finding adequate cover when planning operational procedures and infrastructure management which if not addressed until a crisis arises could spell disaster for the business start-up.

Entrepreneurial Report - Overall Skills Summary

(Completed Professional Entrepreneurial report extract example 2)

The completed report includes full analysis of all areas considered crucial to the success of an Entrepreneur allowing you to plan for success before losing time and money following your dream only to be undone by lack of planning.

By using the FAVIO Personal Growth Solutions, you can quickly determine a strategy to plan your career path, stand out from other job applicants or become that next business success story by realizing your Entrepreneurial potential.

The data generated from the reports provide valuable insight into how you can excel in your choice of business/career direction, giving you the opportunity to plan and execute actions that will ultimately lead to success.

The examples shown represent a small selection of the suite of programs available. Contact FAVIO today with details of your personal objections and we will respond with recommendations.