Do you want to be more effective in the workplace? Fed up waiting for your employer to provide training?

  • Are you a Sales Executive who wants to maximise that natural sales ability? Let Favio help by designing a personal skills development plan at the fraction of the cost of traditional training.
  • So, you great at your Operation role? Then have you ever wondered why there are often challenges in the workplace regarding working with your colleagues/other departments? Put on a performance review and not sure why? Favio can help you “bridge that gap” between technical competence and behavioural competence to make you valued in your operational role by exploring your strengths/areas for improvement and designing your own personal development plan.
  • So, you’re ready for a new job? How do you stand out form the crowd? Favio can assist by providing an aptitude assessment report for you to show potential employees along with your CV. With the wide range of aptitude tests available, Favio can help you land that position and change your life by taking 10 minutes to complete online. Suitable for all general level positions including Retail, Hospitality, Customer Service and Administration roles.
Send your personal objectives to Favio via our contact page and a consultant will be in contact to assist you.